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I am running for congress because diversity in politics is important in all aspects- race, gender and age. I am running to fight for better policy, but I also plan to raise the standard of community involvement that we see from elected officials.

The work that gets done in D.C. is important, but there are so many ways that Representatives can improve their district by showing up when it is not expected or required. As your Representative I will go further than just being a legislator. I will continue to be an active member of our community and you will always know I’m fighting for you, because I will be with you.

This is about more than an election, it is about creating momentum within our district that continues for years to come. This is for a MOVEMENT, not a moment.



Education is the building block of a healthy society. The quality of life within a country can be directly linked with the quality of education. We must invest in our students and teachers to protect the future of our country. 

Free Tuition
  • Free Tuition at Public Colleges & Universities
  • More funding for classroom supplies
  • Restore funding to after-school programs that have been cut under Trump.
  • More funding for technical schools
  • More funding for Special Ed
  • Protect Science/Arts
Teachers Salaries
  • Raise teacher pay
Mental Health
  • Increased access to mental health resources in public schools


 We need common sense gun reform. We can uphold the second amendment while simultaneously fixing the laws and loopholes that are responsible for the crisis we are facing today.


Universal Background Checks
  • Universal Background Checks
  • Red Flag Laws
  • Ban assault weapons
  • Prevent Domestic Violence Perpetrators from obtaining and keeping gun(s).
  • Fix loopholes at gun shows.
Mental Health
  • Mental Health checks and balances.
  • Funding for the Mental Health Costs of Survivors of Gun Violence


No other policies or actions matter if we do not address our dying Earth. It is time to put the people above corporations and create a healthy and sustainable future. 


Green New Deal
  • Call on Congress to declare climate change a national emergency so that we can begin to accomplish a Green New Deal to ensure climate justice and prosperity for all.
  • Fight against environmental gentrification
Environment vs Corporations
  • Stop companies from price-gauging environmentally sustainable items
  • Continue to fight against fracking
  • Transition to green energy
  • Restore regulations that prevent corporations from dumping waste into bodies of water


Healthcare should not be a for-profit industry. Being able to receive medical treatment should not be dependent on your level of wealth. It’s time we catch-up with the rest of the developed world and pass Universal Healthcare.

Medicare For All
  • We need to pass Medicare for All to create a single-payer healthcare system so that our quality of care no longer depends on our income. 
  • Limiting profit-margins for life saving medications
  • Legalize medicinal marijuana at federal level


While there is no single solution for our broken immigration system, we have to start by ending the inhumane treatment that is currently happening in our country. Only then can we begin to make progress in fixing this multi-faceted issue.

Defund Hate
  • Close the Close the for-profit immigrant detention centers
  • Stop Trump from stealing money from other departments to fund ICE
  • Continue to advocate for DREAM act until it is signed into law
  • Create a reasonable path to citizenship for those who have been in the U.S. for decades
  • Find a permanent path to U.S. stability for Haitians who have been here since the earthquake



 For decades the rich have continued to gain more wealth while the middle class has continued to shrink. The cost of living has inflated tremendously, while we have seen little to no growth in wages. Trickle-down economics has failed. We must change our approach to economic growth. 

  • Implement a national $15/hour  minimum wage.
  • Re-adjusting the federal poverty line
  • Protections for small businesses when the minimum wage rises
  • Federal jobs gaurantee:
    1. Gauranteed jobs in infrastructure repair, ecological restoration, caregiving, and community development projects
    2. Benefits like health insurance, paid sick leave/vacation, and retirement plans
    3. Control for state and local governments that will decide which kinds of jobs to create
    4. A reduced uptake of welfare programs and unemployment insurance, as well as decreased criminal justice costs

EQUALITY (LGBTQ+ & Gender Pay)

There is no freedom until we are all free. LGBTQ+ rights have been placed on the back burner and it is time for that to change. Small victories are not enough when people are still being murdered because of their sexuality and/or gender identity. We need drastic legislation that will protect this community at all levels.

Equality Act
  • Continue to advocate for the Equality Act until it is signed into law
  • Reverse Transgender Military Ban
Conversion Therapy Ban
  • Ban Conversion Therapy nationwide


It is unacceptable that so many people in district 24 spend more than 30% of their income on rent. We must secure more funding for affordable housing and protect our residents against unfair evictions.

Increase Access to Affordable Housing
  • Increase Access to Affordable Housing
  • Low-interest loans to help non-profit developers compete with for-profit developers
  • Re-visit the Low Income Housing Tax Credit 
Additional Grants
  • HUD Grants


It is time for our elections to reflect the true will of the people. Each time a voter is disenfranchised or a popular vote is dismissed, our country becomes less of a Democracy.

Elections/Voter Registration
  • Election Day as National Holiday
  • Automatic Voter Registration at 18
  • Abolish Electoral College
  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Congressional term limits

Criminal Justice Reform

Our system has been rigged from the beginning. We must pass comprehensive legislation to remove the structures that have been used for oppression rather than progress. We can’t call it criminal justice reform until there is actually justice within the system.

  • End cash bail
  • End mandatory minimums
  • Better Treatment of Incarcerated Women
  • Pass national law giving convicted felons their right to vote back
  • Reform direct file and how children are able to be charged as adults for non-violent crimes 
Prison System
  • Abolish the private prison system
  • Restructure prisons following other countries with focus on rehabilitation (proven successful by lower rates of recidivism)
  • Get a federal grant to run a trial program in District 24
Legalization of Marijuana
  • Legalize Marijuana at Federal level and expunge past convictions

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