Meet Sakinah

Sakinah is not new to overcoming obstacles and accomplishing things that seem out of reach to most. She spent the first half of her life living on a military base, and the rest living in poverty.

By age 14 she had moved 19 times and attended 9 different schools.

At 13 Sakinah spent her Saturdays cleaning bathrooms in vacation homes. She had picked up a job to help at home because her single-mom was out of work. When she turned 14 and was able to legally work she started full-time at McDonald’s, while taking honors classes in school and playing sports year-round.

At 16 Sakinah was promoted to manager.  Although her minimum-wage pay only went up 60 cents, Sakinah kept the job because she knew it was proof of her leadership skills and would help her get into college.

She was admitted to her first choice school, the University of South Florida, where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science – the first in her family to do so.

These circumstances have built the resilient, compassionate, boundary-breaking candidate that you see before you.


Why We Need A Movement

After college Sakinah spent some time in D.C. interning with Migration and Refugee Services. When the presidential administrations changed in 2017, Sakinah watched as her clients suffered under the new policies. Refugees who had worked for years to get clearance could no longer come to the U.S., funding for the agency was slashed and the future for thousands of people was unknown. This pattern of disregard for human life has continued over the past two years, but is now affecting every aspect of life in the United States.


As the future of our entire country becomes unknown, Sakinah knows one thing for sure – all major changes in our history were made from the PEOPLE fighting back. Change happens when we decide to infiltrate spaces that we are told aren’t meant for us. But it takes every single one of us. We have to tell our stories. We have to reconstruct the systems that have been failing for too long. Together, we can empower our communities to come together and create the America we were promised.

Community Involvement

Broward Young Democrats

Miami-Dade Young Democrats

Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees

Circle of Protection

Broward County Democratic Black Caucus

“I am running for congress because diversity in politics is important not just in race and gender, but age as well.”

Ready To Support Sakinah?

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