Sakinah Lehtola

It is up to us to be the revolution we keep waiting for. We deserve leadership that not only speaks for us, but speaks with us.

Sakinah has personally experienced the impacts of our broken systems and is prepared to fight to fix them. Our movement is about more than an election- it is about reshaping the narratives that drive our policies.

Our country doesn’t stay the same year after year, and neither should our representation.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Sakinah is a visionary with the drive to match. She is fighting for a country where families will not have to struggle the way hers did, and children will be granted more opportunity.

Redefining what it means to be a Representative

Showing up to D.C. is the easy part. We deserve more from our Representatives. Sakinah is committed to raising the standard of community engagement that has been set by past leadership. When she is not in D.C. she will be active in our community working with our children, school teachers, local non-profits and hosting events with constituents.


” A New Kind of Leadership “

About Sakinah

Sakinah is not new to overcoming obstacles and accomplishing things that seem out of reach to most. She spent the first half of her life living on a military base, and the rest living in poverty.

By age 14 she had moved 19 times and attended 9 different schools. At 13 Sakinah spent her Saturdays cleaning bathrooms in vacation homes. She had picked up a job to help at home because her single-mom was out of work. 


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This is bigger than an election. This is about a MOVEMENT, not a moment.

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